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Tunisian company for petroleum Activities (ETAP), the national oil company, was created by Law n° 72-22 of10th March 1972 in order to increase control and actively and directly participate in all hydrocarbons related operations.


Its initial objective primarily focused on:

  • Undertake studies in petroleum-related sector.

  • Tunisian executives learning and development in various oil industries.

  • Possible intervention in generally all operations, notably commercial, industrial, real estate, capital and financial relating directly or indirectly to hydrocarbons sector.

The focus of the current mission is on:

  • Promoting hydrocarbon sector in Tunisia.

  • Management of national patrimony.

  • Conducting studies of developing discoveries.

  • Developing oil and gas productions, in which ETAP is partner.

  • Promoting and developing marginal fields.

  • Supplying national market with natural gas and crude oil.

  • Providing techno-economic projects related to oil, gas and related industries.

  • Providing services in fields of seismic processing, deposits simulation and exploration-production laboratories.