ETAP: Exploration
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Exploration activity


At the end of June 2018 the Exploration activities have recorded:




  • An investments amounting to approximately $ 15 MMUS.

  • A drilling of Jebel Kebir # 2 well (Kb-2) on “Nord des Chotts permit”.





  • The acquisition of 513 km² of 3D seismic on “Jenein Centre permit” and "Sud Remada permit".

  • The acquisition of 405 km of 2D seismic on “Sud Remada permit” and "Bir Ben Tartar permit".

  • 23 permits (21 exploration permits and 02 prospecting permits) covering an area of 67,265 km². These licenses are operated by 16 national and international oil companies out of the 20 active companies in Tunisia exploration field.

  • A total area of exploration permits is 62 134 sq. km (34 066 sq. km Onshore and 28 068 sq. km Offshore).


The exploration activity is illustrated by the following charts:


  • Mining sector field




  • Number of valid licenses





  • Number of exploration wells drilled