ETAP: Board of Directors
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Board of Directors


  • Mr. Moncef MATOUSSI






Chairman & CEO






  • Mr. Moncef HAMDI





Administrator/ Government Presidency





  • Mr. Mohamed Ali KHALIL





Administrator/Ministry of Energy, Mines and Renewable Energies





  • Mr. Hedi TRABELSI





Administrator/ Ministry of Finance





  • Mme. Ikbel FEKIH





Administrator/ Ministry of Development and International Cooperation





  • Mr. Ibrahim BESSAIS





Administrator/ Ministry of Higher Education And Scientific Research





  • Mr. Mohamed Salah SOUILEM





Administrator/ Central Bank of Tunisia





  • Mr. Hamdi HAROUCH





Administrator/ National Agency of Energy Control





  • Mr. Ridha BOUZOUADA





Administrator/ For his Petroleum Competency





  • Mr. Mongi AZOUZ





Administrator/ For his Petroleum Competency










Administrator/ Employees Representative





  • Mr. Sami HAMADI





State Controller