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The Chanchou block is located in central eastern onshore Tunisia, west of Gulf Gabes.


4476 km².


The CHANCHOU block block lies on landward of the Gulf of Gabes in central eastern Tunisia. The southern edge of the block is bound by large E-W trending basin margin fault that defines the northern limit of the Saharian Platform. The central part corresponds to the eastern extension of the Tunisian southern Atlas which is characterized by echelon folds and normal faults trending E-W to N-S normal fault. The northern part is characterized by reverse fault generally observed in subsurface.


Reservoirs and Seals

  • The Jurassic carbonates constitutes the primary target within the block as indicated by the presence of good oil shows in the Chott Fejej-1 well drilled within the block , in Limagues-1well drilled immediately to the west and tested gas and condensate in Ali Ben Khalifa-1 well drilled to the north. The Early Cretaceous Sidi Khalif shale and Bou Hedma evaporates provide the main seal.
  • The Cenomanian Zebbag dolomite, the Aptian Orbata dolomite and Lower Cretaceous Sidi Aich, Boudinar and Meloussi sandstones may constitute promising plays.

Source Rocks

  • The Callovian Smida organic rich shales are considered as the main source rock in the area.
  • Deeper Triassic Azizia / Rehach and/or Paleozoic source beds may also provide additional sourcing.


A variety of different structural trap types occurs, but most of the discovered hydrocarbons are within faulted blocks and anticlines.