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The Ksar Ezzaouia block is located in the offshore Southern Gulf of Gabes where the water depth is less than 50m.


2112 km².


The KSAR EZZAOUIA block is localized in the Jeffara basin within the Ras Maamour sub basin. The tectonic feature in this area is dominated by NW-SE network fault system. Therefore, most of the leads and prospects are three-way-dip closure. These structures were subject of series of compressional events through Upper Cretaceous to Tertiary time. Salt movements characterize the eastern part of the block.


Reservoirs and Seals

  • The Upper Cenomanian Zebbag Dolomite exhibit a good reservoir parameters generally enhanced by fracturing. This reservoir made of pervasive dolomite produce, oil in the nearby Ezzaouia and El Biban fields.
  • The shallow marine sandstone of the Upper Jurassic M'Rabtine formation constitutes the major reservoir in Ezzaoui oil field. It exist only in the western part of Ksar Ezzaouiat block The Upper M’Rabtine shale could acted as a vertical seal
  • The recent discovery of oil within the dolomitic and sandstone facies of the Lower Cretaceous Meloussi formation in the Robbana-1 well on Jerba Island; highlight this reservoir as a promising new target in the block.
  • The Barremian Sidi Aïch sandstone, the Aptian Orbata Dolomite and the Middle Jurassic Krachoua Dolomite are potential reservoirs target. The seal of these reservoirs provides by the intraformational shales, which exhibit a high seal capacity.

Source Rocks

  • The geochemical data indicate that the oil in the nearby Robbana, Ezzaouia and El Biban productive fields derived from two possible source-rocks: The organic-rich shales interval of the Apto-Albian Orbata Eq. Formation and the Callovian Smida organic-rich shales. Secondary source rocks are Triassic shales/ coaly shales


The trap types in the block are structural or combined structural and stratigraphic, including anticlines, faulted anticlines, titled fault blocks, salt dome-related traps, facies change and unconformities-related traps.