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The Tebaga block is located in southern onshore Tunisia


5192 km².


The TABAGA block is located within the east-central part of the Telemzane-Bou Nemcha Arch. This latter was uplifted during the Hercynian orogeny and stongly eroded. In this area, the subcropping Cambrian clastics are unconformably overlain by Middle -Upper Triassic transgressive sediments. This evolution is somewhat similar to that of Hassi R’mel and Hassi Messaoud ridges in Algeria. The Mesozoic section constitutes the outcropping Dahar plateau to the east.


Reservoirs and Seals

  • The Triassic TAGI sandstones are considered as the main target. This reservoir is oil and gas producing in Jebel Grouz, Sanhar and Makhrouga fields, located immediately to the South and in Baguel/Tarfa gas field located immediately to the north.
  • Shales and anhydrites above the TAGI reservoir provide excellent seal capacity.
  • The Cambrian Sidi Toui quartzitic sandstones are considered as a secondary target in the block. This reservoir is producing oil in Hassi Messaoud in Algeria.
  • The intraformationnal shales of the same levels and Triassic shales and anhydrites provide excellent seals for the Cambrian reservoirs
  • The Precambrian granitic basement was regarded an additional target in the block as indicated by the presence of gas (up to 4% within fractures) in SHU-1 well drilled immediately to the south west.

Source Rocks

  • Lateral sourcing is assumed to have occurred from the adjacent Chott Basin (where the Upper Silurian-Lower Devonian Fegaguira Hot shale and the Ordovician Azel shale are the main source rocks) and from the Ghadames Basin (where the Silurian Tannezuft Hot shale is the main source rock).
  • Additional source potential may be provided by Permian shales


  • The trap types are dominated by faulted blocks and combined with stratigraphic (pinch out).