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The Smida block is located in southern onshore Tunisia, nearby El Borma, Debbech, and Nawara fields.


600 km².


The SMIDA block is located in southern Tunisia, within the northern edge of the Ghadames Basin. This later is characterized by Paleozoic strata dipping gently towards the South and truncated by the Hercynian Unconformity.


Reservoirs and Seals

  • The Triassic TAGI fluvial sandstones are considered as a primary target in the block. This reservoir is an oil and gas producer in El Borma, Chouech Es Saida, Debbech and Laarich fields.
  • Shales and anhydrites above the TAGI reservoir provide excellent seal capacity.
  • The Silurian Acacus sandstones are considered as a secondary target in the block. This reservoir is oil and gas bearing in Oued Zar /Hammouda, Adam, Cherouq, Durra and Anaguid East. It’s also oil producing in the El HAMRA and TIGI Libyan fields.
  • The Lower to Middle Ordovician fractured sandstones are an additional target within the block. These reservoirs are oil, condensate or gas bearing in Larich, Durra, Chaabet El Mercanti and Oued Zar fields.
  • The Lower Devonian sandstones (Ouan Kasa) are also oil producing reservoirs in Ech Choued field located to the east.

Source Rocks

  • The proven mature source rocks known in the area are the Silurian Tannezuft “hot shale” and the Devonian Aouinet Ouienine black shales.


  • The trapping system in the zone includes tilted fault blocks, faulted anticlines, low amplitude anticlines and stratigraphic traps (pinch-out, channel fill, unconformities)