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The Bir Abdallah block is located onshore southern Tunisia, within a confirmed hydrocarbon provinces surrounding by El Borma, Debbech, Cherouq, Adam, Durra, Anaguid Est, Makhrouga, Sanhar and Djebel Grouz Fields.


1988 km².


The BIR ABDALLAH block is located in the Saharan platform, within the Ghadames Basin. This later corresponds to a sag basin characterized by Paleozoic strata dipping gently towards the South and truncated by the Hercynian Unconformity.


Reservoirs and Seals

  • The Triassic TAGI fluvial sandstones are considered as a primary target in the western part of the block. This reservoir is an oil and gas producer in El Borma, Sanhar, Makhrouga, Debech and Jebel Grouz fields.
  • Shales and anhydrites above the TAGI reservoir provide excellent seal capacity.
  • The Silurian Acacus sandstones are considered as a primary target in the eastern part of the block. This reservoir is oil and gas producing in Oued Zar /Hammouda, Adam, Cherouq, Larich, Durra and Anaguid East. It’s also oil producing in the El HAMRA and TIGI Libyan fields.
  • The Lower to Middle Ordovician fractured sandstones and quartzites are considered as a secondary target within the block. These reservoirs are oil, condensate or gas bearing in Larich/Oued Zar, Durra and Chaabet El Mercanti fields.

Source Rocks

  • The proven mature source rocks known in the area are the Silurian Tannezuft “hot shale” and the Devonian Aouinet Ouienine black shale.


  • The trapping system in the zone includes tilted fault blocks, low amplitude anticlines, flower structures and stratigraphic traps (pinch-out, channel fill, unconformities). Combination tarps also exist.