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The Kambout block is located in southern onshore Tunisia within a confirmed hydrocarbon provinces surrounding to the South by Makhrouga and Sanhar oil Fields, to the West by Djebel Grouz Gas Field and to the East by Bir Ben Tartar Oil Field.


2604 km².


The KAMBOUT block is located in the Saharan platform within the Dahar plateau. It comprises part of the subcropping Telemzane Arch and the northern edge of the Ghadames basin. The Telemzane E-W trending Arch was uplifted during Mid-Late Paleozoic and affected by strong erosion.


Reservoirs and Seals

  • The main Triassic TAGI fluvial sandstones are considered as a primary target in the block. This reservoir is an oil and gas proven reservoir in Sanhar and Jebel Grouz fields, located immediately at the southern corner of the block.
  • Shales and anhydrites above the TAGI reservoir provide excellent seal capacity.
  • The Ordovician sandstones were regarded as secondary targets, producing oil in Bir Ben Tar field, located immediately at the eastern border of the block.
  • The Silurian Acacus sandstones are considered as an additional target, encountered only in southern part.This reservoir is oil bearing in Durra and Anaguid East fields.

Source Rocks

  • The main source rock in the area is the Silurian Tannezuft “hot shale”.


  • The trapping system in the zone includes tilted fault blocks, low amplitude anticlines and stratigraphic traps (pinch out, channel fill, unconformities). Combination tarps also exist.