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The Mellegue block is located in northwest onshore Tunisia.


3856 Km².


The Mellegue block lies in a transitional zone between the northern Tunisian Atlas and the central Tunisian Atlas. This area acted as a platform to basin transition zone with shallow marine carbonates to deep marine shales during the Cretaceous and Early Tertiary times. The central Tunisian Atlas is dominated NE-SW Folds and including asymmetrical anticlines separated by large synclines. Tertiary transverse grabens trending NW-SE cover this area (Thala and siliana grabens)


Reservoirs and seals

  • The Aptian Serdj dolomitic carbonates which are producing in the nearby Douleb oil field are main reservoir recognized in the block.
  • The Lower Cretaceous Brremian-Hauterivian sandstones are considered as a second target.
  • The Senonian Abiod and Turonian/Coniacian Bireno/Douleb limestones are considered as additional reservoirs in the block.

Source Rocks

  • The Mellegue block is characterized by the presence of many oil and gas surface seepages which indicate the existence of active petroleum systems.
  • Two major source rocks contribute to charge the potential traps in the block: the Upper Cenomanian-Lower Turonian Bahloul black limestones and the Albian Lower Fahdene black shales, which are largely distributed over the area


  • A variety of different structural and stratigraphic trap types occur including faulted anticlines, subsalt and salt dome-related traps in addition to roll-over structures in the grabens.