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The Ouedhref blocks lie in eastern Offshore Tunisia within a confirmed hydrocarbon provinces surrounded by Ashtart, Hasdrubal and Didon fields. The water depth ranges from 50m to 60m.


1488 km².


The OUEDHREF block is located within the Ashtart-Tripolitana basin. It is a part of the Mesozoic-Cenozoic platform which is characterized by dominant shallow marine carbonate sedimentation. .

The tectonic feature in this area is dominated by NW-SE network fault system and grabens, which controlled sedimentation and facies distribution.


Reservoirs and Seals

  • The main proven reservoir in the area is the Ypresian El Guaria nummulitic limestones.
  • The Senonian Abiod fractured chalky limestone, the Coniacian Douleb oolitic limestone and Turonian Bireno bioclastic limestone are considered as secondary targets.
  • The Aptian Serdj and Cenomanian Zebbag carbonates are additional reservoirs in the block.

Source Rocks

  • The Albian Fahdene shales and limestones, the Cenomanian-Lower Turonian Bahloul laminated limestones and the Ypresian Bou Dabbous organic rich limestones are the main potential source rocks in the area.


Successful discoveries are typically located over salt domes, within low amplitude faulted anticlines (e.g. Didon Field), locally with stratigraphic pinchout within the Ypresian El Gueria Formation (e.g. Ashtart, Hasdrubal and Zarat Fields).