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The Boughrara Block is located at the northern flank of the Saharan platform, which corresponds to a tectonically stable southern area and a tectonically active or unstable northern zone.

The separation between the stable and unstable areas occurs as a broad hinge trending West-northwest, East-souththeast Known as the Jeffara flexure which separates after a multiple tectonic phases since the Paleozoic age three distinguished domains; these are the Paleozoic basin in the South-west and respectively the Jeffara plain ( reflecting the Jeffara flexure) and the Mezozoic basin in the North-east




The block lies within a confirmed oil province ; Robbana, Mazrane and Ezzaouia oil fields

  • Reservoirs and seals :

    - The Upper Cenomanian Zebbag Dolomite exhibits a good reservoir parameters generally enhanced by fracturing. This reservoir made of pervasive dolomite produces, oil in the nearby Ezzaouia and El Biban fields. The seal of this reservoir is provided by the Aleg or the Tanit shales.

    - The shallow marine sandstone of the Upper Jurassic M'Rabtine formation constitutes the major reservoir in Ezzaoui oil field. The evaporitic member of the Upper M’Rabtine Formation could acted as a vertical seal

    - The discovery of oil within the sandy units of the Lower Cretaceous Meloussi Formation in the Robbana-1 well on Jerba Island and in Mazrane oil field; highlight this reservoir as a promising new target in the block.

    - The secondary objective in the block include the Barremian marginal marine sands of the Sidi Aïch Formation which tested 120 BOPD in the Boughrara-1 well. The intraformational shales provide the seal of this reservoir, which exhibit a high seal capacity.


  • Source Rocks

    - The Callovian Smida organic-rich shales and the organic-rich shales interval of the Apto-Albian Orbata Equivalent are the primary source rocks in the area.

    - The Triassic and Upper Jurassic shales are additional source rocks.


  • Traps

    - The trapping system in the zone include tilted fault blocks and faulted anticlines.