ETAP: Field Trips

Field Trip FT1

The post conference fieldtrip 1 will focus on “Unconventional potential of Cretaceous and Eocene source rocks in Central and Northern Tunisia”

Date: October 25-27, 2018

Leaders: Fares Khemiri (ETAP), Mohamed Anis belhadj (ETAP), Sonia Benalaya (ETAP), Sofiene Haddad (ETAP)


This fieldtrip will focus on the outcropping Albian lower Fahdène and Cenomanian –Turonian Bahloul black shales and the self-sourced naturally fractured reservoir of the Ypresian Boudabbous limestones.

The characterization will be based on multidisciplinary approach integrating sedimentology, geochemistry, mineralogy and natural fracturing. The unconventional potential of these source rocks will be evaluated and discussed in comparison with worldwide developed unconventional plays.

Note: during the fieldtrip we will have the opportunity to visit, on road, archeological sites such as “ Dougga ” and “ Bulla Régia