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NAWARA /STGP Concession

Geographical situation

NAWARA/STGP concession is an onshore field. It is located in Ghademes basin in south Tunis 50km southwest of Hammouda & Oued Zar production installations.

Conventional aspects

Nawara concession: Jenein South


Holders :

  • OMV : 50%
  • ETAP : 50%


It was discovered by OMV in 2006 thanks to a successful drilling of two wells: Warda-1 et Nawara-1.

The recouverable resources

Project summary:


  • The production will be provided by the following wells: Nawara-1; Ahlam-1; Ahlam-2; Sourour; Fella; Ritma; Khouloud, Benefsej-1 et Benefsej Sud-1 ( a required new concession through a consolidated development with Nawara).
  • A modular pretreatment center (CPF) of nominal capability 2.7 million m3 a day will be built near Nawara-1 well site and the transport of the effluent from 8 other wells up to CPF will be provided by multiphase pipelines ( inlet pressure : 50 bar).
  • Condensate transport stabilized by pipeline until TRAPSA at 10 km from CPF.
  • Transport of pretreated gas up to LPG treatment and production center located in Gabes industrial zone through a pipe 24”, 370 km( STGP project is currently integrated in Nawara concession development) Inflow pressure at GTP:35 bar.
  • LPG gas treatment and production made for a nominal capability of 2.7 MMm3 a day of pretreated gas.
  • specific pipeline for each commercial product issued of GTP ( 1.3km 20” and 1.3 km 6’’ and 4’’)
  • Commercial gas sales levels at the outlet of GTP of STGP is 2 MM M3/day.