ETAP: Field Trip 2

Field Trip FT2

The post conference fieldtrip 2 will focus on “Hydrocarbon exploration challenges in grabens and adjacent structures in Central Atlas of Tunisia: success guidelines.”

Date: October 25-27, 2018

Leaders: Fayçal El Ferhi (ETAP), Ahmed Nasri (ETAP), Mohamed Soussi (FST), Ahmed Skanji (ETAP) & Moncef Saidi (ETAP)


This field trip will be organized within the Atlasic domain (AD) a of Tunisia including the “Salt Dome Province” (SDP). The main structural features characterizing the visited areas are made of NE-SW trending folds and NW-SE and E-W pull apart grabens where numerous wells crossed the Triassic salt bodies.

The rate of success, in Tunisian Central Atlas, since 1932, was 5% in average and no discovery has been made until now within the grabens. From up to 60 wells, only 3 commercial discoveries have been made, producing oil from Aptian and Upper Albian reservoirs.

The success rate and the results of wildcat wells do not show that learning was achieved during the exploration process. In order to improve our knowledge and reduce the uncertainties, the stops selected for this field trip will be considered as cases studies hands-on workshops, during which we will present, review and integrate all the available geological, seismic and modeling datasets in order to discuss the dry holes failure causes. The new ideas and findings that will be discussed during this field trip do not intend to be unique solution to all unsuccessful wells, but rather present an analysis that make clear several geological aspects of the petroleum system in order to figure out some success new guidelines that can help in a drilling decision. This field trip will provide also an exciting opportunity to mature our new exploration ideas through interaction and sharing expertise with fellow petroleum scientists.